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How to record TVUPlayer, PPMate, TVKoo by PPRecorder(P2P TV Recorder)?


TVUPlayer is a excellent P2P TV Player, you can watch the ESPN, Star Sports, CCTV-5, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and other News online, Live Football, ...

If you want to record the channels and browse offline the video, you need the P2P TV Recorder. Now we will introduce how to record TVUPlayer video and audio.

Step 1: Download and install TVU Player.

Step 2: Run TVU Player, select a channel in list.

Step 3: Run TVU Player, select a channel in list, wait for a moment, you will watch the program.

Step 4: Run PPRecorder(P2P TV Recorder), Double-Clicked the TVUPlayer <Default> channel and start recording.